No.46 Abstract Only

In compliance with intellectual property Rights obligation, this issue (No.46) only presents the abstract of the accepted papers. To view the hard copy of this issue (No.46), please visit the library of Department of Rapid Transit Systems Taipei City Government or National Central Library Taiwan.

Chao-Chin Hsueh, Chia-Fu Peng, Chung-Hsing Wang, Chien-Her Lee and Cheng-Chung Chen

Chih-Wei Yen, Wen-Yan Jiang, Tsung-Yu Lai, Chian-Juo Chen, Wei-Chiang Su and Chian-Yi Huang

Daniel H. Ju, Hung-Kun Ku, Chen Wang and Chi-Cheng Wang

Sei-Lin Yang, Hui-Mei Liu and Chiao-Lin Chang

Bor-Song Chang, Zhen-Hui Li and Zhong-Xian Yang

Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government

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